Islay is one of the many islands of Scotland. Visiting the island and staying in a self-catering holiday house allows you the freedom to explore without worrying about other guests or the rules at hotels. To make your stay on Islay enjoyable, we have researched and explored the island to find wonderful activities for you.

Here are five amazing things you can do during your stay on Islay, Scotland.

1. Whisky Distillery Tours

Islay is known for its eight world renowned whisky distilleries, with a ninth just opening. Many people visit Islay just to visit the distilleries to taste a dram on home turf. The distilleries here create some of the most interesting single-malt whiskies in the world. There are tours and special whisky tastings that take place during most days. Find out more about the tours by checking out the distilleries' own websites.

2. Islay Beaches

When you visit an island, you should expect to make a stop at the beach. The Islay coast is around 210 kilometres long and has some of the most scenic beaches in the world. On these beaches, you can watch the wildlife, which includes seals, dolphin and many bird species who call the beaches and the wooden areas home.

There are also beaches that are great for swimming. The best beaches for swimming on Islay are Loch Indaal, Loch Gruinart, and Laggan Bay. Our favourite is Portbahn, about 100m south from our house.

3. The Isle of Jura

If you want to take another boat ride, you can visit the Isle of Jura easily for lunch, the day or just a morning or afternoon. This Isle is only a 5 minute boat ride from Islay. Jura is known for its large deer popular - there are over 6,000 deer that live on the island, but only around 200 people. One road, one pub, one school, one shop, one doctors. What more do you need? Corran Sands, about 4 miles from Craighouse is a beautiful safe stretch of beach you'll probably have all to yourselves.

4. The Museum of Islay Life

This museum is located in Port Charlotte and is an old church house. The museum houses over 2,000 items that reflect the history of Islay. There are items that are from the Mesolithic times to present day including rooms that display what the inside of a traditional croft house would have looked like.

5. Islay Sea Adventures

The Revenge Charter is docked at the marina in Port Ellen. There are many things that you can do during the boat ride. You can sight see, wildlife watch, or there are fishing trips that you can book. Off of the coast of Islay, there are 97 wrecks that you can explore during your sea adventures. if you have your own diving kit You can also just enjoy the sea and the sun by staying on the boat.

Portbahn is a great option for a holiday accommodation when visiting Islay. The house is self-catering, so you are free to relax and explore the area. This holiday house is located between Port Charlotte and Bruichladdich.